Kanji N/A
Kana みさと
Gender Female
Age (Young Adult)
Robot None
Affiliation Photon Power Laboratory,

Science Fortress Laboratory

Family and Relations Boss (Cousin)
First Appearance Unknown
Misato is a distant relative of Boss and a supporting character in the manga by Gosaku Ōta. In the anime, she had a very little role, but in Ōta's manga she is a more dominant character with a tragic end.


Compared to her counterpart from the anime, Misato has long straight blonde hair instead of wavy brown and wears a short sleeve shirt and a short skirt.


Misato is friendly and polite towards others. She is also capable of handling herself with dire situations like an attack by the Iron Masks.


Misato is a highly capable housekeeper able to clean thoroughly and cook savory meals. She is able to work a firearm and even fly a helicopter.


Mazinger ZEdit

Misato was hired to look after the Kabuto house as Koji was usually away fighting the Mechanical Beasts. When the house was under attack, Misato managed to get Shiro to safety. Noticing her skills, Prof. Yumi hired her to the Photon Labs. Usually she does chores around the lab with people giving her greetings, Koji usually flirted with her. When Koji was under the influence of a mind trance of a Mechanical Beast, he chased a naked Misato around after Sayaka had pushed him away. She managed to knock Koji's head against a rock which brought him out of his trance and see Sayaka injured from her fight with Baron Ashura. Misato later witnesses the Mycenae Empire attack the surface before leaving the Photon Lab to work at the Science Fortress Laboratory.

Great MazingerEdit

Once again, Misato usually did chores for the lab as the pilots fought the empire. Later as the government turned on the lab, Misato along with the rest of the staff was forced to go on the lamb. During their escape, Misato had noticed they were being followed by someone. Misato tried to attack the pursuer but was killed by Marquis Janus. Her death was mourned by the staff and the Photon Lab as they reunited with the other group.

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