Missile Hesensha Z is an armored tank made used for certain situations in the Mazinger Z anime. It is piloted by several characters including Koji Kabuto and first appeared in episode 62.


Missile Hesensha Z is composed of Super Alloy Z and fires shells of Photonic Energy. The shell are very powerful, able to damage the armor of a Mechanical Beast. The armor is strong enough to survive attacks from Mechanical Beasts, but is not able to survive continuous blows from a widespread area.


To help fight the Mechanical Beast Nitan 03, the Hesensha Z was made with the same materials as the Mazinger Z and managed to distract the enemy long enough for Mazinger Z to destroy it.

It was used again to lure Minos M7 into a trap. Koji had moved the tank to a minefield before leaving the vehicle with the mines exploding beneath the Mechanical Beast's foot damaging it and destroying Hesensha Z.


  • Missile Hesensha Z was originally supposed to be released only in the toy line but the sponsors requested it be put on TV.

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