Kanji N/A
Kana ミスティ
Gender Female
Age (Young Adult)
Robot Psycho Gear γH(M)
Iron Maiden
Affiliation Hachiryokaku
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Ai Shimizu
First Appearance Death Caprice
Misty is a member of the Hachiryokaku's Psycho Gear fighters.


Chara dtl misty
Like the other inhabitants of the Hachiryokaku fortress wears a white toga, brown arm and leg straps, and golden armbands. She has short purple hair which has a tiara with a purple gem and blue eyes. Misty wears her toga with a collar holding it up. As a member of the fighting force, Misty wears a pink bracelet with a yellow heart-shape decoration.


Misty is serious minded like her leader Hurricane dedicated to protecting their fortress.


Misty is able to pilot a Psycho Gear in an offensive manner, though she is not seen using the psychic amplification process aside from casting a barrier. Her physical strength appears to be good enough to give a person a good slap.


Misty along with her team was protecting the Hachiryokaku fortress from Kiba's army but was overpowered by the numbers and the cockpit of her Psycho Gear was opened. One of Kiba's men tried to take Misty, who she resisted. The Mazinkaiser SKL then appeared, causing the soldier to fall and get crushed under its foot. Afterwards, Misty and her group watched as the Kaiser single-handedly destroyed Kiba's army and supposedly even Kiba. Afterwards, Misty and the rest fought against the remnants of the Kiba Army and Garan Army. With the Gravity Curtain's destruction, Misty joined WSO along with Hurricane and Flash as the Iron Maiden squad.


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