Kj 14 modilus
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Dr. Hell
Modilus was a large bull like Mechanical Beast that was seen at the beginning of episode 14 of Mazinger Z.


Modilus was a relatively short Mechanical Beast that greatly resembled a red bull, it had jagged horns and a red colour scheme.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

It could fire a missle from its mouth and charge at foes, if all else failed it could fire an electrical beam in its horn.


Piloted by Dr. Hell the Modilus was used to battle the Spartan K5 a Beast that refused to fight and only defend, however after the Modilus charges at him Spartan flips him over with his sheild presumeably destroying the Modilus.


  • Like Zaila and Danchel, Modilus has no number or letter after its name.


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