Composition Vegatron
Power Source Vegatron radiation
Pilot Blaki
Dimensions Aprox.300 mt wide

Motherburn is a large pink battleship used by Gandal and Blaki. It has a smaller counterpart called Mothership.


Motherburn's main purpose is to hold soldiers, MiniFOs, and Saucer Beasts.The MiniFOs are launched from the mouth of the ship in all eight directions. Its offensive capabilities are low compared to other Vegan Empire vessels, but can still be used as a fighter craft when piloted by a competent commander.


For the first 27 episodes, Motherburn was used by Gandal and Blaki to send out the Saucer Beasts to Earth. In its final appearance, Blaki attempted to destroy the Grendizer in a kamikaze fashion to which he did not succeed after one of his saucer beast collides into it and the Grendizer tears the Motherburn apart.

Gallery Edit

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