Mu is a lost continent shown in an arc of Mazinger Angels. It is similar in appearance to its original counterpart from God Mazinger but has a different military and fate.

Society Edit

Mu is ruled by a monarchy with the last known ruler being Aila Mu. Its military is composed mainly off giant stone mecha lead by Goddess Mazinger. Part of its faith is based on a savior who can use the sacred treasure of Mu in a time of need.

History Edit

Mu at some point was under attack by the Mycenae Empire and the queen, Aila praying constantly for Mu's savior which came in the form of Jun Hono and the Venus A from many years in the future. Able to fight off the armies, Jun was later able to have Venus pull out Mu's Sacred Treasure to assume a more powerful Queen of Gold form to destroy the enemy commander General Juuma. When the treasure was returned and Venus returned to its time, some later point Mu was ravaged by the ancient sea monster the Dragonsaurus.

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