Kanji N/A
Kana ミケーネたん
Gender Female
Age (Child)
Robot Great General of Darkness-ko
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Archduke Gorgon (subordinate),

General Juuma (subordinate)

Voice Actor Yukari Tamura
First Appearance Robot Girls Z! Death at Dawn! (Anime),

Final Battle! Great General of Darkness! (Manga)

The Emperor of Darkness, Mycenae-tan is a child prodigy and CEO of Mycenae Empire Inc. as well as the pilot of Great General of Darkness-ko. She serves as the main antagonist of the last episodes and chapters of the Robot Girls Z anime and web manga.


Mycenae-tan is a young child appearing to be in the early elementary school age with messy green hair and red eyes. She wears a headband with a flame-like decoration with a face in reference to her original counterpart. For clothing she wears orange footed pajamas.


When piloting Great General of Darkness-ko, Mycenae-tan shows a laidback attitude with little care for what happens around her including the safety of her subordinates. When out in the open, she is shown to be a spoiled brat that wanted to conquer the world just because she could and go out to ensure she would be the only one to do so. However without her subordinates or Great General, she is weak willed and resorts to using tricks to get away from situations.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Mycenae-tan is a child prodigy with genius level intellect with skills in business, economics, and robotics. At a very young age, she manages the Mycenae Empire as well as business buy outs and could create a giant robot that she could control with a game controller. She appears to be rather durable as she survived an exploding robot, a three story fall, as well as being run over and stepped on.


Anime Edit

Mycenae-tan was seen when the zipper on the back of Great General of Darkness-ko was exposed and Z-chan used her Rocket Punch to pull it revealing Mycenae-tan on a seat inside the body near the bottom. The still launched Rocket Punch knocked Mycenae-tan out of her seat and the Robot Girls confronted her. In a dire situation Myceane-tan uses the made you look trick by calling out Izumi Todo to take attention away from herself so that she could escape on the Jetfire P2. However the robot was badly damaged and Mycenae-tan had no control as it lifted up and exploded. She survived but was run over by Jack's stolen van and stepped on by Z-chan.

Manga Edit

When Great General of Darkness-ko was overpowered by an enlarged Z-chan, Mycenae-tan begs for mercy before she manages to escape.


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