The Mycenae Empire is the main antagonistic group in the Great Mazinger manga by Gosaku Ōta having been forced underground in ancient times and resurfacing to take the world above. Compared to the original format, the Mycenae Empire and its culture are expanded on. Whereas in the original version all citizens and soldiers were cyborgs, regular humans also make up their ranks.


The Mycenae Empire is a military force built upon conquest ever since the Emperor of Darkness took control. It was originally a peaceful civilization until the original empire was conquered by the current one. All personnel follow the command of the Emperor and his army without question or be severely punished with death or slavery. They appear to have some from of mythology having witnessed a flying machine and mistaking it for a god called Great Spirit Raaga. There appears to be some sort of connection to the empire known as Sygma.


The Mycenae Empire possess highly advanced technology that allow them to create giant robots, inhuman cyborgs, and projections of immense energy. The source of this technology is likely the Emperor given his alien origins.

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