The Mycenae Empire is an ancient civilization that attacked the Mu Kingdom. Unlike previous series, the empire had little to do with the plot of the overall series and have no connection with the Mechanical Beasts. They also take the place of the Dragonia Kingdom in the Mu format.

Society Edit

The Empire is built on military conquest lead by the Emperor of Darkness while operations are controlled by General Juuma. The main weapons of the Mycenae Empire are the Warrior Beast which are formidable against the otherwise fully stone based mecha of Mu.

History Edit

While it is unknown when the Mycenae Empire attacked Mu, the attacks were relentless and Mu was running out of options. When Aila Mu managed to summon Jun Hono and the Venus A, a chance was given especially when Venus managed to use the treasure of Mu to fight and destroy Juuma. What happened to the rest of the Empire is unknown but it was assumed to be destroyed with the attack by the Dragonsaurus.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to being added to the story line, Jun worked at a pizza place called Mycenae Pizza.

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