The Mycenae Empire was a civilization that started thousands of years before the present timeline. Originally composed of humans, they were converted into large and powerful cyborgs under the Emperor of Darkness.


The Mycenae Empire was established on the island of Bardos. One day the Mechanical Gods Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades appeared on orders of their superior Uranus. The people of the Empire worshipped these three as gods sent from the heavens. Zeus took a liking to the Empire and severed his ties with Uranus. Hades vied for control of the island and the Empire, seeing Zeus as unfit to be ruler. When a failed assassination attempt took place with Hades losing his body, he became the Emperor of Darkness and sank Bardos and the Empire into the sea.

Millenia later, the Empire's ancient but advanced technology was used by Dr. Hell in his plot for world domination. After Dr. Hell was killed in battle; his former servant and current incarnation of the Mycenae priests Tristan and Isolde, Baron Ashura offered him/herself up in sacrifice to make the now cyborg army of the empire rise from the depths of the Earth to retake the surface.


The Mycenae Empire possessed ancient but advanced technology that was supplied by the Mechanical Gods that visited them, building the Mechanical Beasts piloted by the biomechanical Kedora. Other examples of their technology included a large tower that functioned as some sort of time machine to have an event from the past occur in the present time within the said tower. After Millinea of being underground, the Empire replaced their original robotic soldiers with the Warrior Beasts and Seven Generals, massive cyborgs noted for having a human-like face on their bodies.

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