For the similarly named guard mechs, see Mycenaes (Mecha).
The Mycenaes are the foot soldiers of the Mycenae Empire. Originally comprised of the inhabitants of the empire before its take over, they have since served the military regimen.

Appearance Edit

Compared to the higher up members, the Mycenaes are the same size as a regular human. They are adorned in Greek-styled armor with a brown torso armor, a red skirt, orange inner suits covered by black arm bands, and red gloves and boots. On the head is a human skull-shaped helmet with a large pair of orange horns facing upwards, black eye lenses, and what appears to be black make up drawn similar to fangs.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

The Myceanaes are not very strong compared to their superiors, enough that Boss Borot is able to easily overpower them. However they are quite versatile in their tasks including human wave tactics during the assault on the Science Fortress Lab, they are also useful in construction and repairs shown when the Empire moved to a volcanic base making them more than just the usual cannon fodder.


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