Bright sun
Kanji N/A
Kana ナイーダ
Gender Female
Age (Young Adult, probably 20)
Robot Stolen MiniFO
Affiliation Planet Fleed,

Vegan Empire

Family and Relations Unnamed Father,

Sirius (Brother), Duke Fleed (Love Interest)

Voice Actor Kazuko Sugiyama
First Appearance The Flower of Love Shines in Space
Naida is a childhood friend of Duke Fleed and the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat from Planet Fleed. She was brainwashed through a device to psychologically attack Duke in order to kill him.


Naida is an attractive young woman with white skin light green hair and purple eyes with purple makeup, she has swirly purple and blue earrings, for clothing she wears a blue and black skin tight dress with a little skirt on the bottom of the dress and a little toga that hangs on one shoulder, half-covering her breasts, she wears a blue and black boots. She also wears a long loose pink dress with a dark purple bow on the neck.


As a child, Naida had played with her brother Sirius and Duke. During this time, Naida had started to have special feelings for Duke in spite of him being engaged. When Planet Fleed was attacked, she was abducted for ransom and was forced to watch as her people were enslaved. During that time, Naida was implanted with a device on her head to control her mind.


Naida has positive feelings for her friend Duke and is friendly to his companions. Under the Vegan Empire's control, she shows an unforgiving and vengeful attitude towards Duke with the notion of him abandoning Planet Fleed. After being broken from their control, Naida regretted her actions and to make amends used a stolen MiniFO to preserve time for Duke to recover from shock at the cost of her life.


Naida is an adequate pilot, able to steal a MiniFO and get to Earth.


Naida had escaped from her imprisonment and fled to Earth where Duke was. She and Duke reunited, but the friendly chatter turned into a squabble of hate when Naida is controlled by the Vegan Empire to call Duke a traitor, believing that he abandoned Planet Fleed and revealing that he killed Sirius as his brain was implanted into the Girugiru Saucer Beast. Duke was shocked by this, but before Naida could deal a kill blow, Koji knocked Naida away and disarmed her brainwashing device. Seeing Duke in his current state made Naida highly regretful and to buy time for Duke to regain his desire to fight, she used the MiniFO she stole to stall the Vegan Empire only to be destroyed along with her ship. Her death caused Duke to regain his fighting spirit and fight against the invading Vegan forces.

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