Due to translations varying per person or party, names may change depending on the way the translator puts the name into another language. This page includes translations from both fans and official publishers.

O, Ou, and OhEdit

Due to the pronunciation differences between countries, the sound for 'O' varies depending on the character used to write it. A common way of pronouncing the oh sound includes the use of a u or h at the end to enhance the pronunciation for elongated vowels.


  • Koji Kabuto: Kouji, Kohji, Kabutou
  • Juzo Kabuto: Juzou Kabuto

Exact RomanizationsEdit

As a result of some translators taking the kana character by character for the translation, names often change or come up differently than some official materials do.

  • Mazinger Z: Mazinga Z, Majinga, Zetto
  • Aphrodite A: Afurodai A/Ace
  • Venus A: Buenas A/Ace

Alternative SpellingsEdit

These ways of writing depend on either official materials being released by keeping both names a viable or popularly written as such by translators.

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