Naojiro Abashiri
Kanji 悪馬尻直次郎
Kana あばしり なおじろう
Gender Male
Age (Adolescent)
Robot None
Affiliation Abashiri Family
Family and Relations Daemon Abashiri (Father),

Goemon Abashiri (Brother), Kikunosuke Abashiri (Sister)

First Appearance Mazinger Angels chapter 1
Naojiro Abashiri is a recurring character in Mazinger Angels, originally from Abashiri Ikka his full name is never stated in the manga, but his interactions with Goemon and mention by Daemon in Mazinger Angels Z implies that he has the same role and name as he did in his original appearance.

Production BackgroundEdit

Naojiro originally appeared in Abashiri Ikka as the second born son of Daemon Abashiri attending high school who was well known for his superhuman strength.


Naojiro has the mannerisms of a stereotypical delinquent yankee, beating away any obstacles to his goal (often Boss and his gang). He has an obvious crush on Sayaka and often tried to ask her out on a date, to which she almost always physically retaliates. He once even tried to hit on Miki Makimura, who he claimed is the second girl in school worth chasing, only to be declined by Miki and struck down by Akira Fudo.


Like his original counterpart, Naojiro has great physical strength, able to knock away Boss and his gang with one punch. When against Sayaka however, he does not have much luck even when he's really trying.


Naojiro attends the same high school as Sayaka and Boss and often tries to go out with Sayaka, only to be retaliated against her.

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