The Navalon was a gigantic flying fortress used by Dr. Hell during his recruitment of the Demon Tribe.

Features Edit

The Navalon is able to fly for certain periods of time and travel to the highest parts of the Himalayan Mountains. Its large size allows it to store Mechanical Beasts and beings of equal size like Bugo. An invisible barrier surrounds the Navalon when it is docking protecting it from intruders coming from outside. However the barrier is unable to detect subterranean assaults. Inside the Navalon is an army of demonic robots that serve as maintenance and security. The command center can act as a separate unit and disengage from the main body if it is damaged.


The Navalon was able to store several Mechanical Beasts aboard as well as a majority of the demons after Dr. Hell had liberated them from their icy prison and put chips in their heads to control them. It was later used by Dr. Hell to kidnap girls for his Grogos G5, lure the Mazinger Angels, and as a place to torture Devilman. However when their plans backfired and some of the demons were defeated, Dr. Hell tried to escape. Even with help from others, the Navalon was destroyed by Sayaka Yumi and the Great Booster.

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