Nise Z
Composition Super Steel fabric
Power Source Mechanical Beast Army's movement
Pilot K, M, L
Nise Z is a disguise of Seto Magami used by the Mechanical Beast Army. The sisters created the imperfect disguise to defeat the Mazinger Army in order to pick them off one at time.


Nise Z greatly resembles Seto, with the same exact appearance and voice. After defeating Grace and Shiko, she gains extra arms that resemble theirs. Nise Z's mental image resembles a demonic Mazinger Z.

Abilities and AttacksEdit

Nise Z's appearance gives it an advantage to surprise opponents by making them think that Nise Z is the real Seto. However, sharp-eyed and closer individuals like Reito are able to see through the disguise by seeing that Nise Z lacks Seto's forgiving attitude and masochistic behavior. The Nise Z uses the "Pseudo-Thunder Breaker Device" that was stolen from Juzo Magami's lab which acts like a powerful taser that can knock out an android. It's only known attack is the Revolver Punch that fires a barrage of fists from its extra arms at an opponent.


To get back at the Mazinger Army for their last battle, the Mechanical Beast Army made the Nise Z disguise where they all fit inside, apparently through the "Power of Science" and a device that was stolen from Juzo's lab. The sisters used the disguise to attack Grace D. Fleed and Shiko Kotetsu and take their arms. The impostor tried to attack Reito Magami but Reito saw through the disguise and began to fight Nise Z who revealed she defeated Grace and Shiko. As Reito fought Nise Z and was overpowered, the real Seto appeared and used her Wing Scrander to cut apart the disguise to reveal the Mechanical beast Army inside. Shiko and Grace then appeared to reclaim their arms and quickly defeat the Mechanical Beasts.

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