Ozones B3
Tumblr mg7z9bKjMS1rj5f0bo1 500
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Ozones B3 is the Mechanical Beast of Episode 7 of the Mazinger Z anime.


Ozones B3 is large cyclops-like Mechanical Beast with a pink and purple color scheme. It features a single eye with a horn extending from the top of its head and a pair of different shaped horns on the side of its head. Some parts of its body features spikes.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

The Ozones B3 is armed with two acid guns on its torso that can melt armor and projectile weaponry. The eye has a heat ray that can cause whatever it hits to melt. It features missiles on its abdomen.


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A pedestrian watch and screams in horror as Ozones B3 roars and starts terrorizing a city. Ozones is part of Baron Ashura plot to destroy Mazinger Z. As Mazinger Z and Aphrodite A scramble to stop the threat, Ozones destroy several buildings and swat a local TV Newscopter out of the sky to crash into a rooftop of a building. Both Mazinger & Aphrodite finally arrive to stop the menace when Ashura orders the first strike where Ozone set both Mazinger & Aphrodite ablaze. Mazinger Z uses some sort of foam or icy breath to put out the burning Aphrodite A and the fires. As Ozones manage to escape Ashura uses a trick to put both half to turn into a fully form female. Next scene we see Boss, Mucha and Nuke  are passing by as he see a bunch of citizens standing around a woman to reveal to be FemAshura. She tells them how much suffering the Science lab & research has brought the city and must shut down everything. As Boss leaves to warn Prof. Yumi, his car passes by. When FemAshura sees it she orders the angry mob to swarm it. As the angry mob was throwing rocks at Prof. Yumi and his assistant.


  • Ozones B3's roar sounds suspiciously similar to Toho's Godzilla.


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