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The Photon Power Laboratory is a laboratory founded by Juzo Kabuto on the very place where he discovered the Japanium element, which in turn lead to the use of Super Alloy Z and Photonic Energy. After Juzo retired to work on the Mazinger Z, the lab went under the management of Yanosuke Yumi.


After discovering Japanium, Juzo founded the Photon Lab to study it further for its applicable uses. After the events that took place on Bardos, Juzo secretly made modifications to the laboratory with Tsubasa Nishikiori. These modifications were later completed by Juzo's successor Prof. Yumi. As Dr. Hell's Mechanical Beasts appeared, more robots such as the Mazinger Army and special attachments like the Jet Scrander were developed. As the final battle with Dr. Hell commenced, Prof. Yumi showed the hidden form of the Photon Lab, the Photon Power Fortress, a large mobile fortress with a powerful photon cannon. However, the Fortress was rendered useless in the battle with Dr. Hell.


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Photon Power Fortress emerging from the rubble.

The Photon Lab has a hangar for robots that are being developed or in storage for later deployment. A central room monitors what goes on outside the laboratory. For defense, the Lab has a barrier and missile launchers in a perimeter. Prof. Yumi can also have the Lab self-destruct through the push of a switch, but rather than completely destroy the lab, the Photon Lab merely assumes its fortress state.

Photon Power FortressEdit

After blowing off the outer shell, the Photon Lab assumes its mobile fortress state. Prof. Yumi stated that it was made specifically for when Bardos shows its true form. The Fortress is armed with a large cannon that shoot Photon energy that can destroy a Mechanical Beast in just one blast.


  • The Photon Lab takes from its previous counterparts on appearance, weaponry, facilities and equipment.
  • The Photon Power Fortress is based on the Science Fortress Laboratory.

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