Kanji N/A
Kana ポンちゃん
Gender Female
Age (Adolescent)
Robot Herself
Affiliation Robot Girls New Team G
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Misaki Kuno
First Appearance Robot Girls Z ONLINE

Pon-chan is a member of Robot Girls New Team G representing the Getter Poseidon formation of Getter Robo G.

Appearance Edit


Pon-chan is a teenaged girl, slightly shorter than her teammates. She has short blonde hair that forms a pair of tails tied by a pair of scrunchies. Her outfit is based on her namesake, having a dark orange helmet based on the Poseidon's head, and chest armor that have a pair of missiles behind the shoulders. She wears a pair of finger-less grey gloves. Below the armor is a red coat based on the torso area of Poseidon, while the skirt and armored boots are based on the lower area.

Personality Edit

Pon-chan acts like a squire to her princess-like teammates, fully aware that she does not act like a young lady. She is a fan of baseball, especially of her hometown's team the Hiroshima Toya Carp. Secretly however, she has doubts about the Carps' abilities having not won a championship in 25 years. Her hobby is fishing with her own Finger Net. Pon-chan speaks in a Hiroshima dialect.

Abilities Edit

Pon-chan possesses the same abilities as her namesake including missiles and the Finger Net. However, the missiles on her back can also be used as clubs in a baseball bat shape, with enough durability to knock a missile away.

Gallery Edit

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