Kanji N/A
Kana ポセイドン
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Poseidon is one of the three Mechanical Gods that came to Earth and helped establish the Mycenae Empire.


Poseidon and Zeus

Poseidon (left) with Hades (center).

Poseidon along with his comrades Zeus and Hades, came to Earth on the orders of their superior Uranus to set it up as a strategic point in an intergalactic war. However, after Zeus broke ties with their original army, Poseidon took authority over the Earth's oceans as his domain.
Poseidon nd Zeus


While Poseidon has never been given a full appearance, his silhouette resembles his counterpart from Z Mazinger.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Poseidon has authority over his ocean territory; while never seen in battle he is armed with a trident.


Poseidon unlike Zeus and Hades is never given a full appearance in the series, but a series of small mentions. It is unknown if he is alive or even active.

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