Poses OII
Kanji ポセスOII
Kana ポセス・オミクロン・ツー
Gender Female
Age (Adolescence)
Robot Herself
Affiliation Mechanical Beast Girls
Family and Relations Dr. Hell (Creator)

Baron Ashura (Boss)

Voice Actor Aya Suzaki
First Appearance Impact! Great Oversea Battle at Numazu
Poses OII is a supporting antagonist in the third episode of Robot Girls Z.


Poses OII is a blonde girl in her late teens. She wore a magenta seahorse suit with a red fin going down her head, a pink belly with a red outline, spikes on the back of the tail, red pincer claws attached to magenta gloves, light pink tights, and magenta boots. Her human face sticks out of the head of the suit with her hair having a single band come out from the left side of her face. She has dark blue eyes and thin eyebrows.


Poses is loyal to her leader and the Underground Empire's ideals for world domination. She dislikes being ignored which happens quite a lot. She tends to end her sentences with '-kro'.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Other than swimming and a sea horse disguise her powers are unknown as her debut episode leaves her unable to fight.


Poses attacks the Robot Girls along with Balanger M2 and Glossam X2, she gets taken aboard the Demon Captain's fishing boat disguised as a giant sea horse. However she gets strung up on a hook and when she finally reveals herself she finds herself stuck and ignored by everyone including her teammates. So Poses just cheers them on as they beat up and molest the Robot Girls. However she is attacked by a swarm of sea gulls which peck at her suit ruining much of it. She is forgotten by her friends and left on the boat as they sail away and gets hungry and demands squid from the fishing sailors.


  • Compared to the other Mechanical Beast Girls, Poses is based on a Ghost Mechanical Beast rather than a standard model.


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