Composition Super Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy Engine
Pilot Maria Fleed

Proto-Minerva is the prototype model of Minerva X, while it was only featured for a short time in the manga it released in a different colored version of the base model in the toy line.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Proto-Minerva resembles its base model but in a black and red color scheme. Like the base model, it can also form a Sirene Mode called La Sirene de Noir (fr. The Black Sirene). Unlike the base model, its puts much more emphasis on control through movement than the secondary psychic control. The controls however require precise movements and are heavy when excess movements are used in effect.

History Edit

A hologram of the prototype of Minerva was used by the Angel's Hole to train Maria in order to better control Minerva in the primary movement system instead of over relying on the secondary psychic system. The real Proto-Minerva was used by Maria to transport everyone from the Angel's Hole to Tokyo when it was under attack.

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