The Pseudo-Thunder Breaker Device is a taser-like item invented by Juzo Magami. It was used in the final battle in Mazinger Otome by Nise Z to take out the Mazinger Army.

Appearance and Functions Edit

The Thunder Breaker Device resembles the mouth grill and horns of Great Mazinger whose signature move was the Thunder Break. The device is able to generate a high voltage that can incapacitate an android or cyborg for a length amount of time, but is nowhere near the same amount of power as a real Thunder Break.

History Edit

The Pseudo-Thunder Breaker Device was stolen by the Mechanical Beast Army from Juzo's laboratory in an attempt to take out the Mazinger Army while disguised as Seto Magami. While Nise Z managed to incapacitate both Shiko Kotetsu and Grace D. Fleed while taking their arms, Reito Magami however saw through the disguise and was saved by the real Seto. Shiko then proceeded to use the device on the Mechancial Beasts as payback for what they did.

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