Gov ng

Psycho Armor Govarian is an anime series with the characters and mecha by Go Nagai and produced by Knack and TV Tokyo.


An alien force known as the Garadain Empire exhausted its plant's resources and goes into space to find a new place to live. Earth is found by the scientist Zeku Alba flees from the empire to give the planet a chance in battle by locating humans with the power to create solid matter from energy called Psychogenesis. An orphan named Isamu is able to use this process to create the Psycho Armor: Govarian, a giant robot that defends Earth against the Garadain empire in a long battle.

Relationship with MazingerEdit

The title mecha resembles Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger as Knack requested the design to attract consumers to sell their merchendise. Govarian along with Groizer X also appeared in Dynamic Super Robots Soshingeki alongside other Dynamic Productions robots.

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