Kanji N/A
Kana クエス
Gender Female
Age (Adolescent)
Robot None
Affiliation Garan's Army
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Quest is a supporting character in volume 2 of Mazinkaiser SKL Versus, acting as a spy for Himiko and Garan in the lands of the other leaders of Machine Island and to lure the Mazinkaiser SKL to Garan.


Quest has short light hair that she ties to the top of her head and back. She wears a revealing outfit as a result of being in Kiba's land, wearing a spiked choker and wrist bands, a strap that covers her chest, spiked leather panties, and long boots with spiked tops.


Quest had served Garan and Himiko out of fear and spent her time as a slave. After meeting Kaido and Magami, she begins to gain more self-esteem and make her own decisions.


Quest was encountered by Kaido and Magami as they came into Kiba's fortress. Quest surrenders when Magami points one of his guns at her. She explains that she was a prisoner here and just wanted to get out. The Death Caprice Squad allowed her to come along as she was no threat to them. However, on their way to the Hachiryokaku, they are intercepted by Garan and his robot Goma. The Death Caprice Squad fights against Garan with the Kaiser, but the speed and strength of the Goma puts them at a disadvantage. Quest is then greeted by Himiko who tells her about her plan to take Garan's fortress and army for herself and assures her that as long as she does what she's told, things will work out for her. However, Quest due to taking a liking to the Death Caprice Squad for the first time in her life defiles orders and helps the Kaiser by pointing out the Goma's weaknesses. The Kaiser deals a fatal blow to Goma, Quest jumps off the edge to get to the Kaiser but is caught by a barely alive Garan. Before he can break her neck, Kaido threw knives at Garan's arm, severing a few tendons. This allowed Quest to get out Garan's grasp, Quest dived down to the Kaiser to see Kaido and Magami, only to find them both in a critical condition.

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