Kanji ラルゴス
Kana Unknown
Gender Female
Age (Ageless)
Robot Herself
Affiliation General Scarabeth Boss

Mycenae Empire

Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor None
First Appearance Great Mazinger (TV): Ep 5

Ralgos is an Insect Warrior Beast that fought alongside Senzan.


Ralgos is a humanoid insect possessing a large abdomen that covers clear wings, the face features a long pointed proboscis. His true yellow face is located on his chest above a white crest.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Ralgos is able to fly through its wings and use his pincer claws for combat and is able to use them to pummel through thick steel. His antenna can also shoot lasers at opponents.


The Great General of Darkness orders General Scarabeth and General Draydou to destroy the Science Fortress Laboratory. Scarabeth orders Ralgos to set out, in turn the Science Lab launches the Venus A. Meanwhile, Ralgos arrives at a school and destroys it. Venus A catches up to her and is overpowered by her attacks and with the pincers cuts one of Venus' arms, then Boss Borot comes, breaking Ralgos's arms. Then Ralgos tortures Borot and Venus with her laser until Great Mazinger comes and with the Atomic Punch destroys her head and with Breast Burn destroys her completely.


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