Rhine X1
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Lorelai Heinrich

Rhine X1 (ラインX1, also transliterated as "Rain X1") is a robot created by Schtroheim Heinrich in the anime. It is the anime counterpart to the Danube/Donau α1 in the original manga. Compared to the Danube, there is little influence behind the Rhine's creation and is colored differently from it.


Rhine X1 is a giant humanoid robot with parts of its body colored different shades of pink while the torso is covered white. The head has a tentacle sticking out of its head that can be used as a whip and a human face is on the chest, giving it an appearance similar to the later introduced Warrior Beasts. In its inactive state, the Rhine X1's chest face is colored blue but after Lorelai Heinrich integrates with it, the face gains a flesh colored face and brown hair.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

The Rhine X1 has the same weapons as the Danube such as the whip-like tentacle on its head, missiles shot from the abdomen, and a fan that can repel even the winds of the Rust Hurricane. It also possess the same resistance from projectiles and energy.


When Baron Ashura once again tried to steal the Rhine X1, he had the River F9 attack while Heinrich revealed the robot before Ashura knocked him out of the Rhine X1. Before dying, Heinrich revealed to Lorelai about her true functions as the core component of Rhine X1 while saying that she is superior to the Mazinger Z. Lorelai, heartbroken combines with the Rhine X1 to make it fully operational. The Mazinger Z then arrives forced to fight against it despite Shiro's protests. After a hard battle, the Mazinger Z manages to destroy the Rhine X1 with a guided Rocket Punch.


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