River F9
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Baron Ashura
River F9 was a Mechanical Beast that was used by Baron Ashura when hunting down Schrotiem Heinrich and the robot he was building.


River is a tall Mechanical beast with an overall missile-like appearance in a red and yellow color scheme. The head is adorned with a long helmet that covers its entire head. Its shoulders feature a pair of rockets, and its hands are spikes. When the helmet and face are melted off, it reveals a darkened face featuring a pair of slanted eyes decorated with eyeliner, bulbous texture on the cranium, and a mouth similar to the Mazinger Z including the mouth grill and spikes.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

River F9 had rockets in place of its shoulders allowing it to fly at a great speed, the rockets could also be shot out as missiles. Other than that it was relatively weak and bad in close combat.


After being repelled by Dr. Heinrich, Baron Ashura returned with the River F9. The River F9 destroyed Dr. Heinrich's house while the robot he built surfaced Danube α1. As Baron Ashura took control of the robot, he/she had the robot and River F9 attack the city. But when the core component of the robot, Lorelai Heinrich took control of her robot body it destroyed the River F9.


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