Saiga O3
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Saiga O3 is one of the last Mechanical Beasts along with Haribiyun V6, used to fight off the robots of the Photon Power Laboratory as they attacked Hell Castle.


Saiga O3 is a red and black humanoid Mechanical Beast with a spiked mace for a right arm, spiked left fist and legs, and a blade attached to the left forearm.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Saiga O3 is an agile Mechanical Beast which combined with its resistance to projectiles and spiked weaponry make it a deadly foe for close combat.


As Haribiyun fought against Mazinger Z in the air, Saiga fought against Diana A and Boss Borot on land. The Saiga's resistance to projectiles was a problem for Diana's Oppai Missile System, and Boss Borot's faulty movements made it an easy target. Saiga manage to take down Boss with using the robot's own chain to attack Borot's head, then he set his sights on Diana. After tossing Diana around, Mazinger came in to save the day. Even with the help of Count Brocken's troops, Mazinger still managed to overcome and finish Saiga off with Breast Fire.


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