Kanji 西条
Kana さいじょう
Gender Male
Age (Adolescent)
Robot None
Affiliation Himself
Family and Relations Norako and puppies (Pets)
Voice Actor Norio Wakamoto
First Appearance Mazinger episode 26
Saijo is a young man living on the streets with the dog Norako and her puppies. He was set up by Baron Ashura to fight Koji Kabuto in episode 26.


Saijo is a rugged young man with short indigo colored hair. He wears worn out clothes including a jacket, ascot, jeans, and brown shoes. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye.


Saijo is a tough loner who only allows Norako and her puppies to become close to him, having been abandoned by his parents. He is hot-blooded and gullible, hardly ever thinking things through and blindly believing lies to him. His only friend was Norako and when she was killed, Saijo unjustly blamed Koji for her death and it only got worse when he was framed for killing one of her puppies. It was only when Sayaka used Aphrodite to get him to listen did Saijo start to think about what really happened.


Saijo is a skilled street fighter, having been on the street for so long and had to fight to survive. He managed to easily defeat Boss and his gang and claimed he could beat Koji if he fought back against him. He uses a heavy chain as a weapon.


Saijo was abandoned by his parents as a child and was forced to live on the streets. The only friend he could find was Norako who at some point had puppies. When Norako preyed on a chicken and was chased by Koji and his friends, Saijo confronted them refusing to give back the stolen chicken. He easily defeated Boss after infuriating him and his gang. Koji saw that fighting Saijo wasn't worth the trouble and convinced the others to leave. Later when Mazinger Z fought against Daima U5, Norako got crushed by the debris. Saijo blamed Koji for this, and Baron Ashura noticed it. To further implicate Koji, Ashura had one of his/her Iron Masks kill one of Norako's puppies and plant false evidence on Koji. Saijo bought the lie and confronted Koji; Koji did not fight back thinking he killed Norako and her pup accidentally. Sayaka had Aphrodite A grab Saijo to get him to listen since he was too stubborn to listen normally. Getting him to think about his dog and puppy's death, Saijo realized he was set up and regretted what he did. With Baron Ashura repelled, Saijo let Koji give him a black eye for beating him up.

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