Kanji  ???
Kana  ???
Gender Female
Age Late Teens
Robot None
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Satomi Sato
First Appearance Robot Girls Z ONLINE

Saki is a Mechasaurus Girl exclusive to the game Robot Girls Z ONLINE as a playable character. She is originally from episode 1 of the Getter Robo anime series.


Saki was a tall girl in her late teens. She had long neat hair and short eyebrows. She had blue eyes and wore a hat based after her namesakes design. She wore a tight fiting jacket, squeezeing out her incredibly large breasts. She had light green gauntlets and long lengthed boots. She often carried a sceptre with a moon like blade at the top.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Saki would often use her staff in combat. And could also throw bombs.


Saki has a tsundere like personality, proud of both her power and her exceptionally large breast size.

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