Submarine Fortress Saluud is a submarine fortress created by Dr. Hell and used by Baron Ashura.


Jmazinger z 01 0141

Saluud in the original manga.

The Saluud is a unique rounded submarine with yellow and brown camouflaged patterns. On the top of the vehicle is a fake island that has a volcano, palm trees, and an occasional beach. The island is connected to a long metal beam which provides a disguise for the submarine move underwater undetected.


The Saluud has a fleet of smaller submarines for the Iron Masks and Ashura to use. It also features a large hangar that carries Mechanical Beasts into battle, which are deployed from the coast of the island, from underwater, or from the island's volcano. When using the fake island and the fans below it, the top can rotate at high speeds to create a giant maelstrom.


Baron Ashura would often send out his corps and the Mechanical Beasts out to battle the Mazinger Z and the Photon Power Laboratory. Depending on the media, its fate had two different routes. In the manga, Ashura managed to get the Mazinger Z and Koji inside of the Saluud after subduing them. Dr. Yumi had assembled a fleet of ships to bomb the island in case Koji could not escape, which they eventually started to drop. After Boss rescued Koji and helped get Sayaka, they made their escape. Koji remained behind to hold off the Iron Masks and using the Mazinger, managed to wreck the vessel before narrowly getting back to the surface.

In the anime, Baron Ashura revealed itself and Saluud as it attacked the coast of Japan with the Saluud and the Zarigan G8. With a hard battle, the Mazinger Z managed to destroy the Saluud with Baron Ashura barely escaping.


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