The Saucer Beasts are the main military weapons of the Vegan Empire in a manner very similar to the Mechanical Beasts of Dr. Hell. They are constructed by Vegatron and powered by the radiation the ore gives off. As the name suggest they initially appear as flying saucers and can switch between their fighting and vehicle forms. Some Saucer Beasts are piloted by soldiers or higher ranked military staff, while others are controlled by implanted brains of the denizens of Planet Fleed in their frames as told by Naida.

Types Edit

The Beasts are put into categories based on their transformations from flying saucers:

  1. Up/Down Open/Close Type: The saucer opens from the top and bottom, revealing the beast form.
  2. Each Part Projection Type: Head and hands spring out of the saucer and transforms into a humanoid or beast form.
  3. Up/Down Expansion/Contraction Type: Saucer expands up and down to reveal a humanoid cyborg.
  4. Left/Right Open/Close Type: Saucer opens from the left and right to reveal a humanoid and rarely a beast form.

Even though there are exceptions to the categories, for example Uruuru.

The Saucer Beasts are named by repeating the character in their name.

History Edit

For the first twenty seven episodes saucer beasts were under the command of Blaki and occasionally a Vegan mercenary, although a few are controlled by implanted brains. As of episode 28 saucer beasts started to be under the command of Zuril and possessed more non-conventional weapons, making them more efficient than the ones commanded by Blaki. This is partly due to a fatal wound Duke received before the series that could kill him at any time caused by the radioactive material Vegatron, making radiation attacks more lethal as it speeds up the process of Vegatron. The majority of saucer beasts can fly primarily by reverting into their saucer forms, some of which have a buzzsaw hidden in them while in this mode. For the first fifty two episodes of the series the saucer beasts were the primary vanguard invasion forces until they were replaced by Vega Beasts in episode 52 and onward starting with King Gori.

List of Saucer Beasts Edit


  • Not all the Saucer Beasts have saucer forms.
  • Episodes 7, 26, 27, 34 and 52 feature two Saucer Beasts appearances instead of one.