Sayaka Yumi
Kanji 弓 さやか
Kana ゆみ さやか
Gender Female
Age 17
Robot Aphrodite A
Affiliation Photon Power Laboratory
Family and Relations Gennosuke Yumi (Father)
Voice Actor Maho Shimao
First Appearance Mazinger ZIP! episode 1
Sayaka Yumi is a supporting protagonist and the daughter of Gennosuke Yumi in Mazinger ZIP!. She later becomes the pilot for the Aphrodite A.


Sayaka has long brown hair held by a pink hairband, has green eyes, and a slender build. Her outfit is based on her second pilot suit in the anime as a pink and white blazer with a white skirt and long white boots. When piloting Aphrodite she wears a pink helmet with a white vertical stripe going down from the the top.


This version of Sayaka has the tough and independent personality from the anime but she is also highly attached to social networking often being on Twitter and Facebook. Sayaka also goes on search engines even during a battle to figure out an alternative when things don't go right. Her posts also distract her from the fights against the Mechanical Beasts, often saying that she's not in the mood. Sayaka's posting however once gave the Photon Lab an advantage when she ended up at the Underground Empire and took pictures of the area and sent them to the local newspapers, but it also brought in a string of bad luck. She often gets into arguments with Koji Kabuto (usually when they are out on patrol) over various things like his carelessness or Sayaka's posts. But they do get along with Sayaka managing to sneak in some small talk with Koji and even makes his favorite food Mille-feuille. Sayaka does get into arguments with her father with certain things such as her 5:30 curfew and once even threatened him with a chainsaw.


Sayaka has an interest and is skilled in martial arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling often using them when her arguments against Koji or her father get physical. She is also a good pilot and can even incorporate her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu moves in battle with Aphrodite. Sayaka is a very good cook as well often making delicious sweets like mille-feuille that she even sells door-to-door or even dishes like curry. She also works as a door-to-door salesperson with several products.

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