Schtroheim Heinrich
Kanji Unknown
Kana シュトロハイム・ハインリッヒ博士
Gender Male
Age Middle Aged
Robot Created Danube α1
Affiliation Formerly Dr. Hell
Family and Relations Lorelai Heinrich (Daughter/Creation)
First Appearance Mazinger Z

Dr. Schtroheim Heinrich was a German scientist and ex-collaborator of Dr. Hell. He is also the creator of Lorelai Heinrich and the Danube α1, who he calls his greatest creations and believes them to be superior to both Dr. Hell's Mechanical Beasts and the Mazinger Z.


Dr. Heinrich was in a car accident years ago. Dr. Hell found his body and brought him back to life as a cyborg, but compared to Baron Ashura and Count Brocken Dr. Hell held back from making radical changes. For a while Heinrich worked with Hell, but for some reason deserted him with an unfinished plan for a robot. Eventually Dr. Heinrich created Lorelai and her eventual robot body and went traveling around the world. His words seem to imply that he knew Juzo Kabuto at one point in life.


Dr. Heinrich has blue skin and stitches all over his body, due to Dr. Hell's surgery to make him into a cyborg. In the manga, his head also sports a device that extends to part of his face. In the anime, he merely has a mechanical eye.


Dr. Heinrich has a superiority complex, believing his robot to be superior to the Mazinger Z. While he treats Lorelai like a daughter, Dr. Heinrich knows that one day she will have to become one with that robot to be complete.


Dr. Heinrich was an accomplished scientists, working on unfinished plans for a special robot that can operate with cognition and free will and perfecting them. He also created Lorelai as the control unit. The device on Dr. Heinrich's head can also shoot lasers.


After traveling a while, Dr. Heinrich settled in Japan with Lorelai. When Lorelai brought Shiro Kabuto home for a visit, Dr. Heinrich was a little surprised to see one of Juzo's grandchildren. After Shiro left, Dr. Heinrich tucked Lorelai in before meeting Baron Ashura and his Iron Crosses looking for the robot Dr. Heinrich was designing. Heinrich's mechanical implants managed to overpower the Iron Crosses, Ashura left vowing to be back.

The next day, Baron Ashura returned causing the robot to surface. Baron Ashura takes control of the robot and pushes Dr. Heinrich out. Lorelai went to her father's side with Shiro. Dr. Heinrich revealed to Lorelai her true identity as the core component to the giant robot, and with his dying breath called Lorelai his greatest creation.


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