Seiji Hayami
Kanji 早見 青児
Kana はやみ せいじ
Gender Male
Age (Young Adult)
Robot None
Affiliation Magazine company
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Seiji Hayami is a magazine reporter along with his partner Satsuki Kisaragi investigating the disappearance of the tourist bus that contained Yamato Hino and his class.

Production BackgroundEdit

Seiji along with Kisaragi originally came from the Dynamic Productions media franchise Cutey Honey, Seiji was a photojournalist investigating Honey's father and Panther Claw who assisted Honey with help from his father and younger brother.


Seiji is a young man with a long coat, light colored pants, a dark shirt and is always seen with an Ascot cap.


Seiji is an easy going person with an open mind, willing to listen to sources that seem questionable.


Seiji along with Satsuki were at the sight of the disappearance of the bus but came to the conclusion that it just vanished. To get more answers they go the home of the Hino family that kept an old story about the lost continent of Mu. Seiji and Satsuki listened and followed to the story till the end. Seiji found the story interesting but said that their editor wouldn't allow it. Satsuki then brought up that it was possible if they were the reincarnations of Yamato and Aila. Seiji said that it was a good thought and locked arms with Satsuki.

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