Kanji 先生
Kana きくのすけ
Gender Male
Age (Middle Aged)
Robot None
Affiliation Kurogane House
Family and Relations Tsubasa Nishikiori (Employer)
Voice Actor N/A
First Appearance Unknown
Sensei is the head chef of the Kurogane House and a member of the Kurogane 5.


Sensei like the rest of the Kurogane 5 had a shady background but not much is known about it aside from being near death and brought back to life by Tsubasa Nishikiori and swearing his allegiance to her.


Img chara 03 04
Sensei is a short middle aged man usually dressed in a gray kimono and dark blue haori. He has short black hair and sideburns combed backwards, he also has large eyebrows. Sensei has small and squinty eyes. Most of the time he is carrying his personal katana on his hip. Occasionally, Sensei wears a maroon scarf over the bottom half of his face.


Sensei never speaks for some unknown reason but is nonetheless loyal to Tsubasa, vowing to protect her and her loved ones with his life.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Cooking SkillsEdit

Sensei is refuted as one of the best chefs in the world, able to make some of the most irresistable dishes.

Blade ProficiencyEdit

Sensei's skill with a blade equal his cooking abilities, able to cut a live fish into Sashimi pieces in just a moment (with the fish noticing nothing) before letting it back into the water still able to swim despite only having a head an tail. In battle he wields a katana made of Super Alloy Z that combined with Sensei's skills can cut through almost anything. His skills were so great, that he was even able to fight against a Kedora controlled Mazinger Z for a while.


Sensei usually spends his time at the Kurogane House preparing dishes for the guests. He goes into battle when the time calls for it, whether it is against the Gamia Q or a giant Mechanical Beast. Sensei along with some of the other members of the Kurogane 5 die when in the past fighting off the Garadoubla MK01. He is brought back to life along with the others thanks to Tsubasa and helps out in the final battle against Dr. Hell.


  • He originally appeared in the Violence Jack arc Evil Town, he ran a restaurant that was owned by Slum King. Recently he also appeared in Devilman Grimoire.

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