She who came from Space
Kanji 彼女は宇宙から来た
Romaji name Kanajoha Uchū Kara Kita
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Laughter! Vol.Z Shiko's Afterschool Journal
She who Came from Space is the second chapter of Mazinger Otome introduces Grace D. Fleed to the main cast.

Summary Edit

At school, Seto Magami is having lunch with her friends amazed with the school's cafeteria. But when Seto wants to go outside quickly for exercise before lunch break is over, she trips forgetting about the limiter signs placed around the school. The courtyard does not have limiter signs though which causes a problem when Seto hits a volley ball into the sky with her immense strength. Suddenly, a UFO appears crashing on top of the school after being hit by the volleyball. Something staggers out, falling to the ground with everyone thinking it was an alien until Koji Magami sees something about it. The alien is introduced as a transfer student, Grace D. Fleed, an android from outer space based on Grendizer, something everyone knows despite Grace wanting to keep her identity a secret. When Seto introduces herself noting Grace's namesake, Grace suspects Seto to be a spy from the Vega Empire especially when Grace matches Seto's hand print on the volleyball that struck down her Spazer. Although Seto wanted to clear up the misunderstanding, Grace challenges Seto to a fight which Grace has to take outside. Shiko leaves before things heat up and when Seto and Grace exchange blows, Grace loses her glasses which causes her vision to distort and causes her to mistake the students for Vega Empire forces. Reito decides to help Seto, but when a Double Rocket Punch doesn't work it is revealed that Juzo Magami had to put up more limiter designs to prevent damage to the school and force him to pay for it. The professor is struck by Grace's attack since he didn't put up anything that could prevent her Space Thunder. The professor tells Seto to believe in herself to win as she has the power to become a god or a devil. Inspired Seto uses an improvised Daisharin Rocket Punch Throw to strike down Grace. Seto then returns Grace's glasses, who in turn sees Seto in a new light.

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