Shin Kotetsu
Kanji 高徹新
Kana こうてつ しん
Gender Female
Age Designed to be Adolescent
Robot Herself
Affiliation New Mazinger Army
Family and Relations Hiroshi Kotetsu (Creator)
First Appearance Unknown

Shin Kotetsu is an android created by Hiroshi Kotetsu modeled after his cyborg daughter that acts as the New Mazinger Army counterpart of Shiko Kotetsu. Unlike the other members, she is based on the Jeeg robot from Kotetsushin Jeeg rather than an original revised version of the robot she is based on.


Shin like Shiko wears a regular girl's school uniform rather than the more extravagent outfits of her teammates, however her uniform has a different design than Shiko's as it includes pants, tucked in shoulder pads, and a vest with a tie. The hair on the top of her head is darker than the hair that goes down the sides of head. In her mental robot form, Shin takes the appearance of the New Jeeg robot.


Shin is much less emotional than Shiko, but puts on the same blank face as her. She speaks in a mechanical tone although she is highly critical of what she perceives as unacceptable such as choices of food or clothing. She has no sense of taste either. Shin does not really collaborate with Necro Jinga and only joined in the fight with her because she was not done chastising Shiko. All-in-all she appears to have a complete mechanical nature built on the perceived principles of the perfect child in a manner of a strict disciplinarian, compared to the conscious nature of other android characters.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Shin has all of the abilities of her source of inspiration from the detaching body parts and the weapons such as the Spin Storm and attachable equipment. While it was unintentional, she is also able to combine with Shiko in Jeeg form to become Majeeg.


Shin encountered Shiko at her tent, where she proceeded to chastise her style of living which made Shiko cry. She later appeared to confront the New Mazinger Army after Necro had Dark G. Dark bring back junk food criticizing them on their choices of food and later made a hot pot from the junk food to the rest of the group's disgust. Shiko appeared again to confront Shin who continued to criticize her and everyone else around before getting ready for a fight. The rest of the Mazinger Army appeared and were ready for a fight after being insulted. Shin decided to stick with the New Mazinger Army as she thought it would be more interesting. During the fight Shin and Shiko accidentally combined into Majeeg which caused a problem for both groups. Eventually, Seto Magami entered her Astro Mazinger form and purified the evil within Majeeg setting both Shiko and Shin free. After the battle, Shin continued on with her regular life.


Shin's full name Kotetsu Shin is the title for the anime and final form her robot form appeared in, Kotetsushin Jeeg.

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