Shiro Kabuto
Kanji 兜 シロー
Kana かぶと シロー
Gender Male
Age 10-11
Robot Robot Junior
Affiliation Photon Power Laboratory,

Science Fortress Laboratory

Family and Relations Juzo Kabuto (Grandfather),

Unnamed Grandmother, Kenzo Kabuto (Father), Koji Kabuto (Older Brother), Tetsuya Tsurugi (Adopted Brother)

First Appearance Unknown
Shiro Kabuto is the younger brother of Koji Kabuto and a major supporting character in the manga by Gosaku Ōta.


Shiro Kabuto is the second son of Kenzo Kabuto. When Kenzo was said to have died in an accident, Shiro and Koji were taken in by their grandfather Juzo Kabuto. Shiro had a rather carefree life along with Koji, appearing not to mind the fact that his grandfather was always busy.


While most characters in Ōta's manga were designed to be more similar to their counterparts from the anime, Shiro's appearance is based on his appearance from the original manga. He has black hair and eyes, a yellow shirt, blue shorts, and sneakers.


Shiro is a playful and carefree boy who idolizes his older brother and Mazinger Z. He holds a great amount of respect for his family, even Tetsuya who was adopted, and tries to look out for them like they would for him.


Shiro is an average grade schooler with no exceptional abilities, but was able to pilot his own giant robot, Robot Junior.


Mazinger ZEdit

Shiro had always lived with Koji, even after their grandfather had died. He would often be on the sidelines cheering on Koji and Mazinger with whatever ally is nearby in the battle against Dr. Hell.

Great MazingerEdit

When Koji was revived as a cyborg and left for the United States after an attack by the Mycenae Empire, Shiro moved into the Science Fortress Laboratory where he meets his thought to be dead father. Eventually, he gets his own robot to fight in before being forced to go on the run with the other staff of the lab after the Japanese government turned on them after being threatened by the revived Dr. Hell with the name Great Marshall of Hell. Managing to escape to America, Shiro reunites with Koji. When Tetsuya got jealous and started to doubt whether he could measure up to Koji in importance to Kenzo, Shiro assured him he was like family. When Kenzo sacrificed himself, Shiro mourned for his father in tears. He later joined the final battle against the Empire but was too damaged to fight any further and could only watch as Tetsuya sacrificed himself to destroy Hell for good.

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