Shiro Yumi
Kanji 弓シロー
Kana ゆみシロー
Gender Male
Age (Preadolescent)
Robot None
Affiliation Gennosuke Yumi
Family and Relations Gennosuke Yumi (Father),

Sayaka Yumi (Older sister)

First Appearance Unknown
Shiro Yumi is the younger brother of Sayaka Yumi in Z Mazinger. He is based on Shiro Kabuto from the original series, and although he is not related to the Koji of his reality, he does a great respect towards him.


Shiro is roughly the same as his original counterpart in appearance.


Shiro is mischievious much like the original Shiro and once stated he would be much better off if he had a brother like Koji.


Shiro's appearances in the manga are rather short and sweet. Most of the time he looks in awe of the Z Mazinger and its pilot Koji Kabuto and arguing with his sister.

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