Shock! Photon Power Town's Last Day!
Season 1, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date March 2, 2014
Written by Kazuho Hyodo
Directed by Hiroshi Ikehata
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Fierce Fighting! Return of Baron Ashura Robot Girls Z! Death at Dawn!

Shock!!!!! Photon Power Town's Last Day! (Shock! The Last Day of Photonic Town! in the subbed version) is the eighth episode of the Robot Girls Z anime. It is the debut appearance of Robot Girls Team G.


The Underground Empire seems to be crushed from multiple defeats by Robot Girls Team Z and the fact they have run out of funds. Team Z uses this time to relax, but Z-chan has quickly become bored with the results. Suddenly a new threat arises and the Robot Girls are dispatched to meet the Great General of Darkness-ko.


Team Z are at the Photon Power Lab's pool with Z-chan complaining how bored she has become without the activity of the Underground Empire. Suddenly a rupture occurs and smoke is spotted. Z-chan is excited for action and the Robot Girls go to confront the threat, but find that it is the gigantic Great General of Darkness-ko instead of the Underground Empire. Archduke Gorgon and General Juuma appear to confront the Robot Girls and both groups get ready for battle. The Robot Girls easily defeat Gorgon and Juuma, which Gorgon finds strange. Z-chan explains that after the battle with Jetfire P1 the Robot Girls with fibers made of Super Alloy New Z (dubbed Superfiber Neo-Z). Both sides arm themselves with weapons and fight until the Great General snaps her fingers and causes a tornado which causes the fighters to be pinned down. She later goes to attack the Photon lab but her beam can't penetrate the barrier so she uses her sword to break it. The Great General absorbs the Photonic Energy in the lab even the Koshiryoku Beam shot by Z-chan. The Great General later causes an energy blast that destroys Photon Power Town and has the Robot Girls crucified for execution.

Just as they were about to be killed, Team Z is saved by Jeeg-san. Get-chan later arrives when Jeeg-san was about to attack monologue. Introducing themselves as Robot Girls Team G they free Team Z and fight Gorgon and Juuma, blowing them away. Team Z is worried that Team G will steal the spotlight and show. But before anything else could be done, the Great General confronted both teams.

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