Shoki Goda is a sergent major in the Mars army. Like Koji Kabuto, he was originally from Earth before its ruin; something he kept secret from everyone but Koji.


Goda was originally from Earth but after Z went on a rampage, he came to Mars through some sort of method. Adapting to the new environment, he gained greater strength and upon joining the army on Mars, he ascended to the rank of sergent major.


When Z was taken, Goda lead a team with Koji to retrieve the helmet before it got into the wrong hands. While disputing with Koji, he showed him his strength and his secret. With the dispute effort over, the mission was continued. Z was recovered but Goda lost his life.

Production HistoryEdit

Goda originally came from Go Nagai's award winning manga, Susano Oh. He acts as a supporter for protagonist Shinso Susa and motivates him to better himself.

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