Skull Moon Base
Skull Moon Base
Composition Moon rock and Vegatron
Power Source Vegatron Reactor
Pilot Vegan Soldiers
Dimensions Height:1000 mts

Area:10 km2

Notable moves Laser on bird head

Skull Moon Base is a Vegan Empire military base on the far side of the Moon. It was used to supply Blaki with a Saucer Beast when he returned defeated. After his death, Gandal and Zuril used Skull Moon Base to attack Earth until they obtained their own fortresses.

Appearance Edit

Skull Moon Base was on a crater with lampposts around the edge with one central body with a skyscraper high post with branches resembling a tree. In the end of the branches, there are docking ports for fortresses to dock into, like the Motherburn and Mothership.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Skull Moon Base is used to build Saucer Beasts and Vega Beasts. It has a control center where Gandal or Zuril supervise the Saucer Beasts. For defense equipment, it has a laser shot from the mouth of the bird head on top.

History Edit

Skull Moon Base appeared in episode 2 when Blaki returned from Earth defeated. It only appeared to supply a Saucer Beast to Blaki during the first half of the series. After Blaki's death, it was used by Gandal and Zuril to attack Earth until Gandal got Mothership. After that, only Zuril used the base until he got the Queen Spazer in episode 60. It also was used for the surviving vegans to live there until its destruction when King Vega ordered an attack on Earth with no turning back, only to die in his King of Vega when attacked by Grendizer and Cosmo Special.

Gallery Edit

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