Sneaky!? Doublas M2 Trick
Kanji 卑劣!? ダブラスM2の策略
Romaji name Hiretsu!? Doburas Emu To Sakuryaku
Volume 1
Chapter 2
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Amazing! Robot Girls Z (Chapter) Infiltrate! Shirakaba Ranch
Sneaky!? Doublas M2 Trick is the second chapter of the Robot Girls Z web manga.


Doublas M2 is in front of a game store looking to get a game with Garada K7 encouraging her to do so. Baron Ashura however tells them not to waste their money. She is later hit in the back of the head with an Atomic Punch by the store's clerk Gre-chan for making noise. The Mechanical Beast Girls leave before any more trouble could be followed. As Dr. Hell chastises the group about yet another humiliating defeat and not having any needed materials for improvements, Ashura merely tells Doublas not to get into any more trouble. But when Dr. Hell complains about being interrupted again, Baron Ashura merely says that they were at the game store to get a plan of revenge against the Robot Girls which encourages Doublas to do so. But is a little discouraged when she has to do it alone as they don't have much of a plan.

Z-chan and Grenda-san enter the game store noticing an annoyed Gre-chan. She explains to her teammates that her parents own the store and she works there part time. Z-chan notices Doublas and prepares to fight her, but Gre-chan throws out Doublas' handpuppets outside before any trouble could happen. Still getting a bad feeling she hears Doublas talking to herself about a plan to sneak back inside and steal a game. When Doublas tries to defend herself, Gre-chan just cuts up her beam with her Mazinger Blade, before Baron Ashura came to her defense. As Garada carelessly says that the plan was going to be a failure and it was hardly worth stealing anything, Gre-chan launched a Drill Pressure Punch on Garada's face as her teammates watched. Dr. Hell then gets a delivery he was expecting for a new project.

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