Our fine good looking staff
The Space Science Laboratory staff is composed of three men named Hayashi, Yamada and Aoi, although they didn't have much importance, however they helped build the Spazers.

Akira Hayashi Edit

Probably the most important of the staff, Hayashi is in charge of the radar. He has a fiance named Kaori Shirakawa which appeared in episode 16. He is a little fat with brown hair. The only thing known about him is that he's an orphan, he's engaged and plans to marry when the fight with the Vegan Empire ended (although Kaori only appeared once and nothing was brought up again).

Yamada Edit

Yamada usually operated the telescope and helped build the Spazers. He is tall, thin with black hair and glasses, he was somewhat shy and unsure.

Aoi Edit

Aoi rarely appeared but he was seen working along Hayashi and Yamada. He was of average height and with brown hair.

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