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Steel Jeeg
(Kotetsu Jeeg) is an anime and manga series created by Go Nagai and Tatsuya Yasuda. It introduced the Magne Robo series of Takara's Magnemo line (for a while surpassing Chogokin). The series tells the adventures of 25-year old Hiroshi Shiba, a racer and son of renowned scientist Senjiro Shiba. One day Hiroshi is revealed to have been made into a cyborg by his father after a special bronze bell was implanted into him. Along with this, he can change into the head of the super robot Steel Jeeg to fight the evil Jamatai Empire. Hiroshi is assisted by his late father's assistant Miwa Uzuki who pilots the ship that gives Jeeg his body parts.

Later years had Jeeg make a comeback through the Super Robot Wars video games. This stirred up an interest in the anime fanbase and gave rise to retcon sequel, Kotetsushin Jeeg featuring a new Jeeg model and protagonist. A web manga titled Kotetsu Jeeg Hiryuden has also been released on Dynamic Productions website. A movie titled 'Lo Chiamavano Jeeg Robot' (They Call Him Jeeg) was made in Italy where the main character is compared to Hiroshi Shiba by another character and has won several awards.

Steel Jeeg in Mazinger Edit

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