This special submarine is an emergency vehicle used by Baron Ashura to defend the Saluud when there are not Mechanical Beasts ready for submersible combat.

Appearance & Abilities Edit

The submarine has a needle at the end of its nozzle. There are two hatches near the nozzle that shoot torpedoes at enemies ahead. There are thee ports on the side for combat. There a mouth like structure at the bottom with teeth.

History Edit

It was used to bring Hellfire, Toros, KingDan, Balbas, & Hellfire among shores to bring Hell upon Japan. It also fired the Gamia sisters at a local beach to assinate Koji Kabuto. Later with KingDan X10 unsuited for submerge combat Baron Ashura had no choice but to send Submarines to face the JSDF battleships. It manage to destroy one before being hit by several mines.

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