Susano Oh
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Shinji Susa
Susano Oh is a submersible battleship used by HSF. Captained by Shinji Susa, it serves as a base for the Z Mazinger.


Susano Oh first appeared to salvage the remains of Aphrodite. Afterwards, it appeared from time to time to help the Z Mazinger in its fight against Dr. Hell.

Abilities and weaponsEdit

Susano is capable of diving below the surface of the ocean and capable of surviving certain depths. It is also armed with a large amount of cannons. It is shown to be powerful enough to damage even the carrier craft of the Mechanical Beasts.

Production HistoryEdit

Susano Oh is named after the monstrous transformation of Shinso Susa, the main character of Susano Oh (whom Shinji Susa is based on).

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