Kanji Unknown
Kana Unknown
Gender Male
Age (Preadolescent)
Robot None
Affiliation Unknown
Family and Relations Unnamed Mother
First Appearance Shin Mazinger ZERO chapter 3
Susumu is a young boy who was originally a minor character from Devilman. He made a few short cameos in the beginning chapters of Shin Mazinger ZERO.

Production HistoryEdit

Susumu is a character who went through a few different roles in the Devilman franchise. His most notable was in the original manga where he was a friend of Miki's younger brother Tare. Here he was abused and later killed by his family after they were possessed by demons.


Susumu is a young boy with short hair combed foreward covering his left eye. He wears a long coat over his dark colored clothes.


Susumu was in a crowd of people crying over his mother after she was crushed by a fallen telephone pole. Before the Doublas M2 could attack him and the other townspeople, they were saved by a flying Rocket Punch from the Mazinger Z.

Later asthe Mazinger walks by the school, he is seen alongside a group of children showing Koji their drawings after being taken in by the Abashiri's.

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